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Original OpenVG implementation
gingkoVG is loyally to follow OpenVG 1.0.1 specification. As an original OpenVG, GingkoVG is known from other existing OpenVGs such as AmanithVG. GingkoVG never get help from existing graphics accelerating standard like OpenGL. GingkoVG aims to embedded systems, especially mid and low end platforms. To supply high performance and low cost UI solutions is our life mission.


  •  New rendering algorithm with very high performance on PC. Render test case "tiger" using official implementation costs 50 to 60 seconds on PC. GingkoVG FPS is 0.110~0.140s/frame when running this in the same environment.
  •  Full implementation of OpenVG. Support vgu.
  •  Implemented using C/C++, and never get help from any accelerating technical for specified architecture.

Blog: http://blog.csdn.net/tomsoft



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