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gingKoVG v1.0 release

Release date:2008.1.2

    After consecutive coding and testing in past three month, GingkoVG v1.0 is released finally when we heard bell of the New Year.
    This version is all implemented by software and never gets help from any accelerating technical for specified architecture. GingkoVG's high performance on mainstream PC enhanced our confidence in applying it to marketable grade applications.

    GingkoVG v1.0 features:

  1.  Supply all lib and dll files for develpment
  2.  Integrated demos with source code
  3.  Tutorials and OpenVG technical documents
  4.  Simple EGL interface
  5.  Platform independent APIs for development


Download:gingkoVG 1.0

Note: Rendering test case "tiger" using official implementation costs 50 to 60 seconds on PC. GingkoVG FPS is 0.110~0.140s/frame when running this in the same environment.


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