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Huayue Tech Co.,Ltd. is committed to supplying flexible and customized solutions of 2D vector graphics UI on embedded system. Now we are focusing on implementation of OpenVG, and trying to supply amazing and flowery 2D vector UI solutions to you.

   gingkoVG is our first original product with full implementation of OpenVG specification and she is protozoan. It aim is to supply implementation of OpenVG on embedded system with low cost, so that makes OpenVG using on embedded system possible.

    As an "protozoan" OpenVG, gingkoVG is known from other existing OpenVG such as AmanithVG™. gingkoVG never get help from existing graphics accelerating standard like OpenGL. Actually most of embedded system don't support OpenGL in hardware, especially mid and low end platforms. Do NOT consider gingkoVG pure software implemented OpenVG. The final version will all based on hardware accelerating, and can be customized according to flexible requirement. That's the way to perform efficient OpenVG on low cost Platforms. The pure software implementation version is transition product for application development and technical service supplement.

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